Global Warming updates May 08 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 8, 2014

1.     Let’s have a debate on climate change

2.     How The Media Tackles The Climate Change Debate

3.     To Combat Climate Change, Humanity Must Act Now, NASA Chief Says

  1. Climate change: Think globally, act locally

5.     Inside the sausage factory

6.     Is climate change a bigger threat to our national security than terrorism?

7.     Obama’s talking climate change, but is anyone listening?

8.     Why the free market has to be part of the climate change solution: Macke–jeff-macke-162929039.html

9.     Minorities Understand the Threat

10.                        How Climate Change Is Making Allergies Worse

11.                        Gov. Chafee releases draft climate change report

12.                        Research by Nelson affiliates shapes national climate report

13.                        New argument from climate change deniers: global warming is a good thing

14.                        Heartland Institute Disputes “Global Warming” Crisis Claims

15.                        Heavy rains in Kerala caused by global warming: Scientist

16.                        Coal-producing state Wyoming declines new science standards with global warming components

17.                        El Niño Chances Jump To Near 80%. Add In Global Warming And We Face Record Heat.

18.                        Using genetics to measure the environmental impact of salmon farming

19.                        More Than Just Keystone Died in the Senate Wednesday

20.                        Clearing the air

21.               Mexico’s Climate Laws Ignore Women

22.                        Cornyn on climate change: People ‘have an impact on the environment,’ but federal response is not the answer

  1. OECD: Rich countries will suffer as planet warms

  1. UN to back Pope Francis statement on ‘human ecology’ – See more at:

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  1. Nobody wants it to be true so some people dssimis the idea emotionally.Those against usually cite natural variations are causing the earth to warm up. Many of these favor solar variations; however the sun hasn’t varied that much. Satellites have measured the sun’s output very accurately for the last 3 solar cycles (approximately in 11 years in length). The net change is too small to measure. Scientists know a lot of natural variations but none of them can produce the current pattern of warming.If you want to see all the arguments, and why the errors, distortions, confusions and lies behind them, go to skeptical science.

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