Global Warming updates May 13 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 13, 2014

1.      Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat by Military Researchers

2.     3 ways to tackle climate change through energy innovation

3.     Scarborough: Americans have cooled on climate change

4.     Rubio clarifies climate change comments during National Press Club appearance

5.     Corbett: climate change is ‘a subject of debate’

6.     The Forgotten History Of Climate-Change Science

7.     Environmental Injustice and Economic Issues: WCC’s Working Group on Climate Change

8.     Climate change and crickets

9.     Task force looking at climate change solutions

10. Climate change can sting us – literally

11.  “Devastating” Impacts of Climate Change Increasing

12. Gore Accuses GOP Of ‘Enforced Orthodoxy’ To Deny Climate Change

13. Facing similar risks, Africa and Asia coordinate research on climate change

14. How Construction Impacts on Society

15. Indian climate boffins: Himalayan glaciers are NOT MELTING

16. Global Warming Could Kill Off World’s Smallest Kangaroo

17. Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans From Polar Melt

18. Sense and climate sensitivity – more evidence we’re in for a hot future

19. Editorial: Changing climate

20.                        New Zealand refuses climate change refugees – mass action is now needed


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