Global Warming updates May 15 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 15, 2014

1.    Safeguarding the future of food security

2.    Hurricanes May Threaten Cities Like Never Before as Tropics Expand, Study Finds

3.    Sharpening the Latino Focus on Climate Change

4.    Mead seeks to recast debate on climate change

5.         Rising Seas Be Dammed … With Fat Climate Change Reports


6.    California’s Thirst Shapes Debate Over Fracking

7.    How Much Will It Cost to Solve Climate Change?

8.    Doyle McManus | The GOP does the climate change dance

9.    Climate change to hit credit ratings: S&P

10.        Oklahoma Committee Apparently Doesn’t Want Kids To Think Climate Change Is A Thing

11.        When it comes to climate change, the cure is worse than the disease
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  1. Inslee needs to light a fire on climate change

13.        Scientists search for heat-resistent breeds of chickens to withstand climate change. Is that accepting defeat?

14.        In Indonesia, a Worrying Silence on Climate Change

15.        Event to promote action on climate change

16.        Climate Change Is Turning Your Produce Into Junk Food

17.        Preparing Your Portfolio For Climate Change

18.        4 Ways You Can Make a Real Impact to Slow Climate Change

19.                  Global warming causes hurricanes, typhoons to move poleward as they reach maximum intensity: Study


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