Global Warming updates May 21 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 21, 2014

1.      How will the European elections affect climate policy?

2.    UN’s Green Climate Fund ‘ready’ to start work

3.    US national landmarks face critical climate threat – report

4.    Politically powerful renewable energy faces a threat in Kansas

5.    11 Responses to Pat Sajak’s Bizarre Climate Change Tweet

6.    My 1975 ‘Cooling World’ Story Doesn’t Make Today’s Climate Scientists Wrong

7.    Editorial: Climate change is church’s No. 1 pro-life issue

8.    Editorial: Jerry Brown takes the lead on climate change, as does California

9.    The Politics of Climate Change This Summer Will Be Worse Than Obamacare’s

10.                        Climate Change Threatens Food Supply

11. Marco Rubio Still Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About On Climate Change

12.                        Did ‘climategate’ change your view on global warming? Google searches reveal scientific rows do not affect public opinion

13.                        Melting Ice Caps May Help Stem Global Warming

14.                        Global Warming Could Bring More Himalayan Avalanches, Scientists Say

15.                        Climate activism research shows new move to localism

16.                        Climate change to result in less nutritional food, report says


17.                        Environmental protection law: big changes in 2014

18.                        Cooperation, traditional and new, critical to sustainable development, UN officials stress


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