Global Warming Updates May 21,2013

Climate Changes Updates 21 May 2013

1)   Can we blame climate change for the tornado that took out Moore, Okla.?

2)   Don’t cry climate-change wolf

3)   Who’s Escaping Climate Change ‘Mire and Muck’?

4)   Climate Change and Wildfire

5)   Origins of Human Culture Linked to Rapid Climate Change

6)   Early springs spell trouble for northern forests

7)   Climate Change and Man ‘s Evolution

8)   Aquifers in US Depleting, Contributing to Sea-Level Rise

9)   Climate Extreme Prediction

10)                     Matt Ridley has joined the real climate debate

11)                     Fish migration charts climate change in the oceans

12)                     UNEP: China’s green growth vital for entire planet

13)                     5 Ways To Talk With Conservatives About Climate Change


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