Global Warming updates May 22 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 22, 2014

1.      UN climate fund chief rejects claims it will finance fossil fuel projects

2.    India needs $834 billion to implement low carbon growth plans

3.    UN’s Green Climate Fund ‘ready’ to start work

4.    Britain faces malaria risk as climate change sees mosquitoes thriving in garden water butts

5.    Timm Herdt: Ask a California farmer about climate change

6.    Summer reading for the climate crowd

7.    In the age of climate change, trouble is brewing

8.    Editorial board: Amid climate change, focus on energy industries’ future

9.    Climate activism research shows new move to localism§ion=news

10.                        Steyer adds ‘moneyball’ to climate politics

11. House Votes To Deny Climate Science And Ties Pentagon’s Hands On Climate Change

12.                        Climate change: Super PAC targets Republicans who deny human role in warming

13.                        House Science Committee Is More Worried About Aliens Than Climate Change

14.                        New study suggests the public has lost interest in climate change

15.                        Let’s not give climate change all the blame for Western wildfires

16.                        Superbug threat as grave as climate change, say scientists

17.  Lloyd’s U.S. Chief on Board with Climate Change

18.                        Globe: Companies Prepare for Effects of Climate Change

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