Global Warming updates May 23-25 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 23-25, 2014

1.     Saudis accused of deleting part of UN climate science report

2.     India needs $834 billion to implement low carbon growth plans

3.     Why do next week’s UN climate talks in Bonn matter?

4.     UN hails first success of ‘climate matchmaking’ service

5.     Kuster: ‘Dramatic changes’ seen in climate

6.     As mountain snow fails and glaciers melt, Pakistan faces water threats

7.     Eccentric OSU scientist vindicated on melting, global warming predictions

8.     University of Miami geologist in trenches of climate change

9.     Does the marathon hasten climate change?

  1. GOP in grip of climate change denial

11.                        Buying Insurance Against Climate Change

12.                        Tough emissions cuts would prove the U.S. is serious about climate change

13.                        Climate change to boost health problems

14.                        The Green Life: Government must lead way on climate change

15.  Food Quality May Decline With Climate Change

16.                        Retired Army general to give presentation on climate change risks

17.                        Climate Change: The Election Elephant in the Room

  1. Animals Are Adapting to Climate Change in Remarkable Ways Before Our Very Eyes

19.                        Tough emissions cuts would prove the U.S. is serious about climate change

  1. Climate change activist to boost Wolf’s bid for governor

21.  How will climate change affect livelihoods in South Asia?

22.                        Tough emissions cuts would prove the U.S. is serious about climate change

23.                        Toth: Time to do research on climate change

  1. Metrobus and environment

25.                        Climate change to boost health problems

26.                        Environmental regulations for mining in Saskatchewan

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