Global Warming Updates May 23-26,2013

Climate Changes Updates 23-26 May 2013

1)   Where’s President Obama’s climate agenda?

2)   UT climate expert chased butterflies to prominence, awards

3)   Inquirer Editorial: Climate change is real, so do something about it

4)   Green Desert: Attention to climate patterns is crucial

5)   From global warming to fluoride: Why do people deny science?

6)   EU: 2030 climate policy must address global UN deal

7)   Disaster risk must be part of new development goals – global forum

8)   U.S. carbon tax could boost revenue, curb climate change – report

9)   Earth’s Mantle Affects Long-Term Sea-Level Rise Estimates

10)                     Lord Deben: UK must commit to low carbon technology to achieve 2050 emissions target

11)                     Tar sands exploitation would mean game over for climate, warns leading scientist

12)                     Deforestation Dries Up Dams Threatening Hydropower

13)                     Hay Festival 2013: global warming is ‘fairly flat’, admits Lord Stern

14)                     Reports: China eyes absolute CO2 cuts for 2016

15)                     The conversation about climate change is stuck. This American Life investigates why.

16)                      Uncertainty no excuse for procrastinating on climate change

17)                      Matt Ridley’s misguided climate change policy

18)                      On the value of consensus in climate communication

19)                     Edinburgh to host Int’l Conference on Climate Justice

20)                     EU: 2030 climate policy must address global UN deal

21)                     Climate change threatens health in the new megacities

22)                     Comment: Health overlooked in our response to climate change

23)                     British Royals freeze out US climate media coverage

24)                     11-Year-Old Says, “When You Drive, The Earth Smokes”

25)                     Russia evacuates ‘drifting’ Arctic research station as ice floe melts

26)                     Will Climate-Change-Fueled Superstorms Wipe Out London?

Climate Change Updates May 24, 2013


  • New EU climate policy unlikely before 2015: Poland                                                                                                                    The European Union is unlikely to hammer out its new policy on global warming ahead of a global climate deal that could be clinched in 2015, Poland’s environment minister said Wednesday. “A long discussion on climate change is getting underway. There’s no chance that new measures will be adopted during the current terms of the European Parliament and the European Commission,” minister Marcin Korolec told Poland’s PAP news agency. In its efforts to reduce global warming, the international community is to draw up new, universal climate pact by 2015, which should come into effect by 2020. Korolec’s comments come after UN climate chief Christiana Figueres warned last week that the world had entered a “new danger zone”, with record levels of Earth-warming carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Korolec believes Brussels could soon propose cutting EU fossil fuel imports by 30 percent by 2030, and back production of electric cars.

  • Saudi Arabia sees win-win in solar energy boom A slide in solar power costs and a surge in oil prices over the last few years has made solar power a win-win strategy for Saudi Arabia: saving billions of dollars of crude for export while making electricity at less than half the cost. Riyadh plans to install 41,000 megawatts (MW) of solar power over the next 20 years, but to date has built only 12 MW – or less than even Britain installed in early May. Despite year round sunshine, the oil and gas rich countries of the Gulf have lagged far behind most of the world in solar power – so far. Saudi energy officials have talked of becoming major solar players for years, but while China built 5,000 MW in 2012 alone, Saudi solar capacity is still insignificant.

  • Bangladesh farmers battle water woes                           HAPAINAWABGANJ, Bangladesh – Fahima Begum rises each morning at dawn and walks two kilometers to a small pond, the nearest source of fresh water. On her way she passes the rusty old hand-pumped tube well that used to supply water to her village in Bangladesh’s arid Barind region until the water table here dropped out of reach. 

  • Absolute emissions cap proposed for China According to local Chinese media, the government’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has proposed that China adopt an absolute cap on its greenhouse gas emissions by 2016. To date the Chinese government has refused to take on absolute emissions targets, choosing instead to pursue emissions intensity targets linked to their level of economic growth. The current government target is to cut its carbon emissions intensity per unit of GDP by about 40 per cent by 2020, compared to 2005 levels. This would allow for considerable growth in emissions.

  • World Must Face Up To Climate-Driven Disasters: UN GENEVA — The world needs to wake up to the risk of a spike in natural disasters linked to climate change and strive to find ways to cut the human and economic cost, the United Nations warned on Tuesday. “We live in a time of huge natural disasters which are made worse by climate change,” the UN’s deputy secretary-general, Jan Eliasson, told reporters at the start of a three-day conference on risk reduction in Geneva.

  • On Science, Politics and Climate Change                                                                                                                                          Smith, a Republican, represents the 21st District of Texas, which includes his hometown of San Antonio, and chairs the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. I met him a few weeks ago at a hearing on climate held by the Subcommittee on the Environment. He was the consummate gentleman. Despite the fact that I was testifying as a witness for the Democratic Party, he was cordial and gentle in his questions. I thought,Now there’s a reasonable man





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