Global Warming updates May 26 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 26, 2014

1.     Why do next week’s UN climate talks in Bonn matter?

  1. Obama’s New Rules for Coal Plants Are a B.F.D. The Ensuing Political Fight May Be Even Bigger.

3.     Seasonal heat records fall for Sydney with autumn added to the list

4.     IPCC fails to tell climate change story

  1. McKinley amendment bars Defense funds for climate change

  1. Fracking: to save the climate, the gas must remain buried

7.            Fiji Leads Pacific Region on Climate Adaptation Efforts

8.     Athabasca glacier melting at ‘astonishing’ rate of more than five metres a year

9.     Climate change activist to boost Wolf’s bid for governor

10. How climate change is altering environments as small as your backyard garden

11.    How Maine can sustain coastal communities in the face of climate change

12.    Trans Mountain challenges Vancouver bid to include climate change discussion in hearings

13. How will climate change affect livelihoods in South Asia?

14. Editorial: Smoke signals as US debates climate change

15. Heat-Resistant Chickens and Climate Change

16. Carbon in 15,000 Year-Old Soil Is Contributing To Climate Change

17. Turning the tide on climate change | GUEST VIEWPOINT

18. Massachusetts Court Considers Global Warming In Property Tax Case

19. Is the cause of global warming underground? Carbon in ancient soil is changing the climate, study says

20. Global warming threatens coastal cities

21. Despite cool weather, global warming is a scientific fact: PennLive letters

22. Cost-effective filtration system to efficiently combat indoor air pollution

23. Babbling brooks adding to climate change?

24. World Business Council for Sustainable Development: Vision 2050


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