Global Warming updates May 27-28 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 27-28, 2014

1.      Report: Many Find ‘Global Warming’ More Threatening Than ‘Climate Change’,0,1302688.story

2.    Summer reading for the climate crowd

3.    High-pollution power plant that said it was victim in Obama’s ‘war on coal’ survives, thrives

4.    Can we hide carbon dioxide underground? Algeria site offers note of caution.

5.    Climate Change Could Warp Rails With ‘Sun Kinks’

6.    Climate Change Doomed the Ancients

7.    Human beings may lack the political will to avoid eco-disasters

8.    EDITORIAL: The Keystone conundrum: Unions vs. environmentalists

9.    It’s simple. If we can’t change our economic system, our number’s up

10.                        Prince Charles: reform capitalism to save the planet

11. Yes, EPA Can Regulate CO2, But Can Lawyers Beat The Rules In Court?

12.                        Pentagon ‘clear’ climate change is a ‘national security’ issue

13.                        China to scrap six million cars in toxic smog drive

14.                        ‘Time running out’ says UN as CO2 levels hit record April high

15.                        India heatwaves raise fears of future climate impacts

16.                        Prince Charles: Business must act to tackle climate change

17.                        Climate change means we must rewrite economics textbooks

  1. Americans more concerned with “global warming” than “climate change”

19.                        The coming political explosion over climate change

20.                      EPA grows its climate change trends list

  1. The Canadian Government Doesn’t Let Its Meteorologists Talk About Climate Change

  1. The Pentagon Wants to Tackle Climate Change — But Congress Forbids It

23.                      Energy firms warned over communication about climate change

24.                      Corporate executives could be personally liable for undermining action on climate change

25.                      Climate change: 3 reasons businesses aren’t seeking solutions

26.                      Humans cause climate change? ‘Jeopardy’ host thinks so. 

27.                      Montana study shows climate change accelerates hybridization of native and invasive species of trout

28.                                               Billionaire’s PAC Targets 7 Republicans Who Doubt Climate Change

29.                                               Global Warming vs Climate Change: What Scares You More?

30.                      The Navajo Nation’s Shifting Sands of Climate Change

31.                        Seafood industry under threat from climate change and ocean acidification, report states

32.                      Research on what “global warming” and “climate change” mean, and when to use the terms

33.                      On a Cool Roof: City Planners, Activists and Researchers Debate Climate Change

34.                      The Wall Street Journal denies the 97% scientific consensus on human-caused global warming

35.                      Light-coloured butterflies and insects thriving as European climate warms

36.              Study: “Global Warming” Is Scarier Than “Climate Change”

37.                      Ancient Climate Change Doesn’t Bolster Environmentalist Extremism


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