Global Warming Updates May 7 ,2013

Climate Changes Updates 7 May

1.   Climate change denial, laissez-faire economics and conspiracy theories: A productive pairing?

2.   Lamphier: Green lobby makes plans for green light on Keystone XL

3.   EPA to defend its greenhouse gas emission rules tomorrow

4.   Public anxious on climate, to a point

5.   Esa approves Biomass satellite to monitor Earth’s forests

6.   New Mechanism Converts Natural Gas to Energy Faster, Captures Carbon Dioxide

7.   Germany Says Climate Talks Move Beyond Blame Game Before Warsaw

8.   Merkel calls for redoubling of efforts to reach climate change treaty

9.   U.S., South Korean Leaders Affirm Climate Change Cooperation

10.                     Europe faces ‘sea-change’ against climate policies

11.                     Rapid acidification threatens Arctic: study

12.                     EU Parliament reaffirms international shipping target to cut CO2

13.                     Green industries slam Business Europe’s dinosaur climate policies

14.                     The anthropogenic global warming rate: Is it steady for the last 100 years? Part 2.

15.                     Mapping global climate action through word clouds

16.                     Why legal form matters at international climate negotiations


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