Global Warming Updates November 1-4, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 1-4 November  2014

  1. Veteran campaigner slams Shell’s “Jekyll and Hyde” climate stance – See more at:

  2. Legal “guardian angels” praised by world’s poorest for climate advice – See more at:
  3. Watered down UN climate science report is still important – See more at:
  4. Could a Republican mid terms win sink US climate ambition? – See more at:
  5. Pulgar Vidal: IPCC leaves politicians with “no excuses” – See more at:
  6. UK to pledge “strongly” to Green Climate Fund

  1. Ban Ki-moon: World leaders are ready to sign climate deal – See more at:
  2. IPCC climate report: “conclusive evidence” humans warming planet – See more at:
  3. IPCC climate change report: In 18 tweets

  1. October’s climate thermometer: who’s hot, and who’s not? –

  1. Australia agrees to include climate change on G20 agenda –

12.                      Why Is UN Report So Certain Humans Caused Climate Change?

13.                      Freak Snowstorm Threatens To Knock Out Climate Change-Denying Governor

14.                      UN REPORT: Our Climate Change Future Is Terrifying And Emissions Need To Stop Completely As Soon As Possible

15.                      Coal is the future, insists Tony Abbott as UN calls for action on climate change

16.                                               A Record Penalty in the Climate-Change Fight

17.                      Brisbane G20: Airport vetoes #onmyagenda climate change billboard

18.              Weather Channel Founder Insists Climate Change Is Not Happening

19.              How Green Was My Election

  1. The sleeper issue of 2014: Climate change

21.                      Protecting communities from potential impacts of climate change

22.                      Tom Steyer spends big to shift climate change’s political winds

23.                      Belief in climate change doesn’t always lead to action

24.                      Top scientists blame humans for climate change

25.                      Six ways you can help stop climate change

26.                                               Canada committed to reaching climate-change deal, French President says

27.                      Kerry Urges U.S.-China Cooperation on Climate Change

28.                      IPCC report warns governments on failure to check climate change

29.                      Climate science funding deadline looms

30.                      Studying Salamanders to Size up Climate Change

31.                      Rwanda farmer test may prove value of climate forecasts

32.                      Panel’s Latest Warming Warning Misses Global Slumber Party on Energy Research

33.                      Beech Boys’ climate change research in Epping Forest

34.                      Another Report Won’t Slow Climate Change

35.                      Want to feed the world? Tackle pollution from ozone and soot

36.                      Air pollution slashes India’s potential grain yields by half – study

37.                                               From Drought Relief to Oil Revenues, 5 Climate-Related Ballots To Watch

38.                      U.S. Fines Automakers Hyundai and Kia for Misstating Mileage

39.                      North Pacific ‘super typhoon’ headed toward Bering Sea region

40.                      Gulf of Alaska waters warmest in 17 years of measurements

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