Global Warming Updates November 10,11, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 10-11 November  2014

  1. US green fund contribution tests Obama’s climate commitment – See more at:

  2. G20 big oil billions “undermines” climate action

  1. UK farmer warns of climate impacts in sceptic MP’s region – See more at:
  2. Obama must deliver at climate fundraiser in Berlin – See more at:
  3. Venezuela did not hijack civil society climate meeting – See more at:
  4. UK has “vital” role in protecting the climate

  1. EU climate and foreign affairs chiefs pair up for Lima summit – See more at:
  2. UN climate negotiators learn to trust at Oxford summer camp – See more at:
  3. Climate change could increase UK risks of overseas conflict – See more at:
  4. Bill Clinton: IPCC climate report is “wake up call” – See more at:
  5. What does it mean to be climate resilient?

12.                        Wobbling on Climate Change

13.                        Study: Farmers and scientists divided over climate change

14.                        Conference on climate change held in N.O.

15.  U.S., China announce climate change agreement

16.                        Getting rich from climate change? How business can thrive in extreme conditions

17.                        Your brain on climate change: why the threat produces apathy, not action

18.                        Global warming increasing spread of dead zones in oceans, rivers

19.                        The Climate Change Game: A Two-Minute Warming

20.  AOL Drops ALEC, The State Lobbying Group ‘Lying’ About Climate Change

21.                        Zealot of US climate change sceptics Jim Inhofe to determine environmental policy

22.                        Climate change ‘will see more UK forces deployed in conflicts around world’

23.                        Consequences of climate change discussed by French, U.S. experts at Tulane

24.                        Climate change leadership needed to preserve Great Barrier Reef

25.                        Bill Nye: ‘Not a Coincidence That Creationists Also Deny Climate Change’

26.                        At this hyper-green eatery, climate change will be the main course

27.                        On the News With Thom Hartmann: Scientists Say Climate Change Threatens Our Survival, and More

28.                        Stephen Colbert Slams Climate Change Deniers’ ‘I’m Not A Scientist’ Argument

29.                        Larger ‘dead zones,’ oxygen-depleted water, likely because of climate change

30.                        Climate change ‘will see more UK forces deployed in conflicts around world’

31.                        Mary Robinson, U.N. envoy and former Irish president, speaks at Princeton on climate debate

32.                        Coal versus climate in Australia

33.                        Port cuts air pollution

34.                        Opinion: ‘Ecofiscal’ policies adjust market forces for the sake of the environment

35.                        Young voters worry more about climate change. Where were they during the election?

36.                        Former Treasury chief sounds alarm on another ‘cruel and dangerous crisis’

37.  Keystone project should be near top of GOP to-do list

38.                        The heavy price of an unhealthy planet

39.                        Global warming is not just a ‘blanket’ trapping heat on Earth – it’s more like tanning oil, scientists claim

40.                        Is there a free-market solution to global warming?

41.                        How ‘Solution Aversion’ and Global Warming Prescriptions Polarize the Climate Debate


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  1. No one knows enough about the icaretntion to accurately answer your question. The earth and it’s climate is not a Homogeneous system. The amount of variables from one location the next prevents any accurate “global” measurement for everything from CO2 to temperature. Look up “missing CO2” on a search engine and you will see that Scientist investigating CO2 levels are having a big problem quantifying the actual amount in the atmosphere. The levels change so much from one location to the next that they are not sure what all the influences actually are in the environment. The computer models created to predict what the levels are supposed to be, are not even close to the real time measurements.The hardest thing for so called experts on the environment to admit, is that there is alot more that they do not know, then what they do know.

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