Global Warming Updates November 12, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 12 November 2013

1)   How climate change will affect the Southeast USA

2)   The Inequality of Climate Change

3)   This map shows why the Philippines is so vulnerable to climate change

4)   Climate Change Is Messing With Rainfall Across The Entire Planet

5)   Lesson of Typhoon Haiyan: Tackle climate change, or it will tackle us,0,780623.story#axzz2kUv0kV5L

6)   ‘Super’ Typhoon Haiyan: Suffering and the sin of climate change denial

7)   Researcher: Climate Change To Cause Human Migration

8)   Global Precipitation Changes Linked to Human-induced Climate Change

9)   Climate change: when ignorance is a recipe for disaster

10)                    Anti-climate change activist address 50,000 near UN climate conference

11)                    L.A. Now Live: Ask questions about the new climate change report,0,2334059.story#axzz2kUv0kV5L

12)                    UN climate summit ‘fast’ swells as anger grows at lack of action


  • Comment: climate diplomats need to explore the ‘third way’ to 2015 deal


  • Russia cools talk of separate loss and damage climate mechanism


  • IEA: World on track to miss 2°C warming limit


  • Climate scientists revise greenhouse gas emissions estimates –


17)                    You’re State: Ready for Climate Change?


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