Global Warming Updates November 14-16, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 14-16 November  2014

  1. Australian doctors mount coal warning as G20 kicks off – See more at:

  2. US and Japan set to make Green Climate Fund pledges – See more at:
  3. India must unveil climate targets after US-China pact – Ramesh – See more at:
  4. India feels heat as pressure mounts to deliver climate target – See more at:
  5. UN climate talks boost as Green Fund nears $10 billion target – See more at:
  6. Australia left isolated as G20 backs climate action call – See more at:

7.      Barack Obama tells G20 a global climate change deal is possible and vital

8.      Greensboro-based company running trucks on natural gas

9.      German power sector varies energy sources

10. Palm Oil Production Poses Problems for the Climate

11. Hundreds rally against natural gas pipeline

12. For central heat, China has a north-south divide at Qin-Huai line

13. The Power Politics Behind China’s Climate Pledge

14. An out of the blue deal on climate change

15. G20 leaders force Australia to back down on climate change language

16. Climate change deal with China will cut pollution and protect health

17. With Drought The New Normal, Calif. Farmers Find They Have To Change

18. Will political pressure propel pipeline?

19. An out of the blue deal on climate change

20. DOE To Build World’s Fastest Supercomputers, Eyes Climate Research

21. Where is global warming’s missing heat?

22. G20 united on tax loopholes, trade, global warming, banks and Ebola

23. Obama’s $3bn for climate fund could kickstart action on global warming

24. The Insiders: Congress can derail Obama’s global warming fantasies

25. Definition of Global Warming, According to Europeans

26. Coal isn’t the only contributor to global warming

27. Banned ‘White Paper’ Proves Global Warming Is a Dirty Scam

28. Climate Change vs. Global Warming: Aren’t They The Same Thing? 

29. Wasps, algae and fires; how global warming will affect Canberra

30. ‘This Changes Everything’ tackles global warming

31. Manmade Global Warming May Lead to 50 Percent Increase in Lightning Flashes by Turn of Century: Study

32. Rinaldo DelGallo: Overlooked key to global warming

33. Climate change in G20 communique after ‘trench warfare’

34. Dealing with denial

35. Joe Hockey says climate change talk should not overshadow G20’s real work

36. G20 climate change statement’s evolution reveals backroom battle

37. U.S. to Give $3 Billion to Climate Fund to Help Poor Nations, and Spur Rich Ones

38. Facing climate change, Unalakleet will endure

39. G20: David Cameron urges Tony Abbott to do more on climate change

40. Climate change could cause more U.S. lightning strikes

41. G20: Obama issues warning on Pacific defence, climate change

42. Tony Abbott tells G20 leaders he backs coal, despite pleas on climate change

43. The G20’s climate change

44. Australia alone with Saudi Arabia on climate change

45. Climate change a major talking point at APEC and G20 summits

46. G20: Obama puts climate change in spotlight as Australian agenda sidelined

47. Barack Obama tells G20 a global climate change deal is possible and vital

48. EU, U.S. Force Inclusion Of Climate Change On G20 Agenda Despite Australia’s Protests

49.     Harper says Canada will contribute to poor countries’ climate change fund

50. Got Allergies? Thanks to Climate Change, Your Future Looks Pretty Sneezy

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