Global Warming Updates November 15,2012

Climate Changes Updates 15 November

1)   Most Americans Favor Action on Climate Change

2)   In Sandy’s Wake, A Reshaped Coastline

3)   Loophole Lets Toxic Oil Water Flow Over Indian Land

4)   Figueres backs China’s new leader to increase climate ambition

5)   REDD+ should value forests as more than “carbon warehouses”

6)   40 million people at high risk from climate change in China

7)   Airborne Particles Smuggle Pollutants to Far Reaches of Globe


  • Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism registers 5,000th project


11)                     Earth Orbit Tilted By Rogue Star, New Research Suggets


12)                     Gore launches world’s Dirty Weather Report

13)                     Clouds almost rain on eclipse’s parade


16)                     Energy White Paper is hazy on future vision for nuclear

17)                     UK Could Shutter 22 Power Stations Through Energy Efficiency

18)                     On the Environmental Frontlines: Waste Pickers

19)                     Ocean Wave Energy Technology and Oregon’s Process

20)                     America’s Ancient Hurricane Belt and the U.S.-Canada Equator

21)                     Tapping Into Carbon Dioxide Storage Potential of Mine Waste

22)                     New research finds mine waste could provide an effective CO2 trap

23)                     Estimates for future global warming narrowed down

24)                     The new boom: Shale gas fueling an American industrial revival

25)                     Nanocrystals produce hydrogen using sunlight

26)                     Global drought has not increased, but climate change is still a threat

28)                     Warming potential of clouds could explain how Earth thawed out

29)                     Climate change risks soar for emerging Asian superpowers


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