Global Warming Updates November 17-18, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 17-18 November  2014

1.     Senate Defeats Bill on Keystone XL Pipeline in Narrow Vote

2.     The Hip-Hop Battle on Fracking and Climate Change

3.     Hungry Planet: Can Big Data Help Feed 9 Billion Humans?

4.    A Forest Threatened by Keystone XL

5.     Politics, not oil, are pushing the Keystone XL Pipeline

6.    Tie Keystone approval to bigger environmental goals

7.     Coal Rush in India Could Tip Balance on Climate Change

8.    Saving energy at 3 area churches

  1. Canada and UK set to back Green Climate Fund

  1. Who’s to blame for climate change?

  1. Climate change to increase US lightning strikes

  1. Germany nuclear phaseout puts 2020 climate target in peril – See more at:
  1. Officials confident Green Fund will top $10bn target at Berlin meeting – See more at:
  2. India targets 500% increase in solar power generation – See more at:
  3. Keystone XL Senate vote too tight to call

23.                        Coal Rush in India Could Tip Balance on Climate Change

24.                        Media, Lefty Outlets Wrong about ‘Interstellar’ and Climate Change

25.                        Top Republican Finally Acknowledges Human-Caused Climate Change

26.                        Publishers remove confusion about climate change from Texas textbooks

27.                        Obama stakes final 2 years on climate change

28.                       White House offers climate change help to U.S. cities

29.                        Top Republican bows to scientists on climate change

30.                        Preventing the Sixth Mass Extinction Requires Dealing With Climate Change

31.                        Coastal Policy Clinic to host Governor’s Climate Change Commission

  • Obama Is Driving a Wedge Between the World’s Two Most Powerful Climate Change Deniers

33.                        Over 1,400 Endangered Species Are Threatened By Climate Change, Says New ‘Red List’

34.                        Mayor de Blasio, Please Add Climate Change to Your Progressive Agenda

35.                        What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change

36.                        Global climate change occurring right outside your window

37.                        Bottom line on climate change: It’s costing you money

38.                       The U.S.-China Deal on Climate Change: Minilateralism at Work


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