Global Warming Updates November 19, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 19 November 2013

1)   Unavoidable Answer for the Problem of Climate Change

2)   Climate Change Makes Any Disaster Global

3)   Global cooling: When the climate changed astonishingly fast

4)   Ancient Arctic Algae Record Climate Change

5)   BHP Billiton: climate change leader or laggard?

6)   A new view of climate change: Terrorism against the people

7)   A Conversation With: India’s Chief Climate Change Negotiator Ravi Shankar Prasad

8)   UN bodies explore private-public partnership to find climate change solution

9)   Planning is key as climate change goes mainstream,0,6574133.story

10)                      Climate change scepticism: a slippery concept?

11)                      Can corals adapt to climate change?

12)                      An hour in the life of a UN climate confab

13)                      The winding roads to replacing the Kyoto Protocol by 2015

14)                      REFILE-“Clean up your act,” UN climate chief urges coal industry

15)                      Pete McMartin: Who pays for climate change?

16)                      Despite extreme weather and new evidence, prospects of a deal at this year’s climate change conference look bleak

17)                      Australia and Canada are leading the wreckers at Warsaw

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