Global Warming Updates November 20, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 20 November 2013

1)   Rich vs. poor: Divide deepens over who should pay for climate change

2)   Man-Made Climate Change Mostly Due To Just 90 Companies

3)   Prince Charles warns over inability to tackle climate change

4)   UN Climate Change Talks Erupt In Turmoil As Rift Between Rich And Poor Nations Reopens

5)   The 10 dumbest things climate-change deniers say

6)   Polluters list points the way to combating climate change

7)   Loss and Damage: The Third Era of Climate Change?

8)   Investors demand oil, coal and power companies assess climate change risks

9)   Cost of climate change adaptation could destabilise African countries, UN warns

10)                    Climate Change Could Throw Atlantic Canada into Chaos

11)                    The climate change saboteurs

12)                    Rich-poor divide stalls UN’s Warsaw climate change talks

13)                    Poor countries walk out of UN climate talks as compensation row rumbles on

14)                    Africa faces sharp rise in climate adaption costs – UNEP

15)                    ‘Loss and damage’ re-opens old wounds at climate talks

16)                    After Typhoon Haiyan, a call for global climate justice

17)                    Ban Ki-moon says current climate pledges are insufficient to fight global warming

18)                    Ban urges countries to ‘rise to the challenge’ in Warsaw


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