Global Warming Updates November 27, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 27 November 2013

1)   ‘People are dying as a result of climate change’

2)   Africa’s best hope of combating climate change is to share knowledge

3)   Creating a ‘climate change garden’

4)   3 Questions: Benjamin Olken on the economic impact of climate change

5)   Why climate change is (still) far too important to be left to scientists

6)   Global warming and climate change

7)   UW Board needs to consider climate change

8)   Why Climate Change Skeptics and Evolution Deniers Joined Forces

9)   Squirrels escape climate change by taking over a ghost town

10)                    What’s with the weather?: Cornell website serves as climate-change clearinghouse

11)                    Sleepless in Warsaw: how a climate deal was done

12)                    UN ‘loss and damage mechanism’ born amid rising climate costs

13)                    FACTBOX-How do China’s carbon markets work?


  • US taxpayers will foot bill for climate change inaction


  • The path to Paris will be tough, agree UN climate chiefs


16)                    UN climate talks: how did countries come to agreement in Warsaw?

17)                    Iroko trees, the new warrior for climate change

18)                    Climate change signals a whale of a shift in feeding patterns

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