Global Warming Updates November 29-30,2012

Climate Changes Updates 29-30 November

1.   How Impact Investing Can Expand Environmental Entrepreneurship

2.   Energy bill published – as it happened

3.   Canberra returns to hot days of years gone by

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4.   Global warming evidence strengthens, UN official says

5.   Hot in the city: Sydney to swelter as temperature tops 31 degrees

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6.   Antarctic ice sheets shrinking, study finds

7.   Shock of the blue: when sun goes down, algae turn on a light show

8.   Climate change ‘taking place before our eyes’, global body says

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9.   Wales floods: Climate change could be to blame, Welsh Secretary says

10.                     COP18: Ministers to have last say on ‘hot air’ compromise deal

11.                     COP18 Live: Latest news from Day 5 of Doha climate summit

12.                     COP18: EU confident Kyoto negotiations are running smoothly

13.                     COP18 Live: Latest news from Day 4 of Doha climate summit

14.                     COP18 Live: Latest news from Day 2 of Doha climate summit

15.                     Gulf of Mexico Clean-Up Makes 2010 Spill 52-Times More Toxic; Mixing Oil With Dispersant Increased Toxicity to Ecosystems

16.                     Carbon Dioxide Could Reduce Crop Yields

17.                     Hertz Launches Nationwide Tire Recycling Initiative

18.                     Human-Caused Climate Change Signal Emerges from the Noise

19.                     More Solid Measure of Melting in Polar Ice Sheets: Planet’s Two Largest Ice Sheets Losing Ice Fast

20.                     Integrating Science and Policy to Address the Impacts of Air Pollution

21.                     Oceanic Crust Breakthrough: Solving a Magma Mystery

22.                     New Approach Allows Past Data to Be Used to Improve Future Climate Projections

23.                     First-Ever Hyperspectral Images of Earth’s Auroras: New Camera Provides Tantalizing Clues of New Atmospheric Phenomenon

24.                     An Ocean Away: Two New Encrusting Anemones Found in Unexpected Locations

25.                     Delhi and Shanghai Aim to Reduce Plastic Trash

26.                     Starvation Diet: Climate Change Takes Bite Out of the Giant Pandas’ Food Supply

27.                     At UN Climate Talks, Researchers Insert Facts on How Food is Driving-and is Driven by-Climate Change

28.                     How to Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

29.                     How much will you pay for a green future?

30.                     Polar Ice Sheets Melting 3 Times Faster Than Two Decades Ago

31.                     NGOs demand Doha cancellation of carbon credit surplus


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