Global Warming Updates November 4, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 4 November 2013

1)  Report says global warming likely to make starvation, poverty and other problems only worse

2)  Emerging economies nearing half of global warming emissions

3)  Kyoto Veterans Say Global Warming Goal Slipping Away


  • Nuclear “essential” in climate fight say leading scientists


  • Clean cookstoves can save lives and slow climate change


  • World’s soil moisture could decrease 15% by 2099


  • Rising waste levels driving global methane threat


  • Energy investors ignoring climate change challenge – report


  • IPCC: climate change poses threat to global food supplies

10)                   Cool Head on Global Warming

11)                   Can environmentalists and frackers be friends?

12)                   What Happens When the World Dries Out

13)                   The fundamental *political* challenge of climate change

14)                   Climate Change Report Predicts Warming Will Only Make Human Ills Worse

15)                   Will Climate Change Imperil Your Cup of Starbucks?

16)                   Adapting to Climate Change Does Not Mean Accepting It

17)                   Nuclear Power Needed To Slow Climate Change, Experts Say

18)                   Carbon taxes, trading schemes should be part of government climate change efforts, OECD says

19)                   Climate change becoming urgent matter

20)                   Glacier retreat evidence of climate change in South America

21)                   Joe Oliver’s office edited answers from department on climate change report

22)                   SPREP achieves implementation status for Climate Change


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