Global Warming Updates November 6-9, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 6-9 November  2014

1.    From Bar Fights To Wars, Climate Change Will Make Us More Violent

2.    Climate change inspires rise of ‘cli-fi’ flicks

3.    Many experts say technology can’t fix climate change

4.    Use the Web? Congrats, you’re an environmentalist.

5.          Capping warming at 2 C not enough to avert disaster, climate experts warn

6.   Billionaire climate activist undaunted after losses in Tuesday’s election

7.          How to fight global warming without destroying the economy? Use a little Econ 101

8.   Election’s biggest loser: Action on climate change

9.   Tackle climate change, Gov. Wolf

10.                       Scientists, speak up on climate change

11.                       Bill Nye Hits The Nail On The Head With This Explanation Of How Greenhouse Gasses Heat The Planet

12.                       This Map Shows How Climate Change Will Screw The Whole World

13.                       What Climate Change Means For A Land Of Glaciers

14.                       On climate change, Australia will be left behind by China, the US and the EU

15.                       Urgent IPCC climate change warning demands action: Bob McDonald

16.                      Republican Sweep Highlights Climate Change Politics In Alaska

17.                       Konica Minolta Awarded Global Climate Performance Leader for Actions Against Climate Change and Transparency

18.                      Many experts say technology can’t fix climate change

19.                       Mayor of South Miami on how climate change could force it to secede

20.                       Election’s biggest loser: Action on climate change

21.                       Climate conflict is near, admiral warns

22.                       G20: Australia resists international call supporting climate change fund

23.                       Tackle climate change, Gov. Wolf

24.                      Geoengineering could prevent climate effects caused by giant volcanic eruptions

25.                       Research bodies focus in climate forum

26.                       America’s Politics of Fantasy: Climate Change and the GOP

27.                       Conservatives Don’t Hate Climate Change, They Hate The Proposed Solutions: Study

28.                      Climate change is disrupting flower pollination, research shows

29.                      Midterm elections prove global warming a myth

30.                       Could global warming SAVE mankind? Nuclear winter caused by a natural disaster would be reversed by pumping out greenhouse gases, study claims

31.                       Cocaine Will Survive Global Warming

32.                       ‘Global warming issue going the way of gun control’


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