Global Warming Updates November 7, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 7 November 2013

1)   UN expert warns climate change causing loss now

2)   What My Great Grandfather Taught Me About Climate Change And Agriculture

3)   Nuclear: A surprisingly progressive solution to climate change

4)   World starting to tackle climate change, report says

5)   The Clean Energy Way to Fight Climate Change

6)   Bill de Blasio’s biggest challenge is climate change

7)   Profile Of A Climate Change Denier

8)   The Truth About Climate Change

9)   Climate Change Impacting Food Supply…But Health Care Serves Up Solutions

10)                    UNL to conduct its own climate change study

11)                    From mobile solar to low-risk homes, climate action is underway – UN

12)                    Record level of greenhouse gases raise concern over climate change

13)                    Hitting EU green energy goals ‘would save billions, boost GDP’

  • EU starts process to ratify Kyoto Protocol extension

  • Carbon budget row risks UK influence at UN climate talks

  • 10 reasons why you should care about the UN climate talks

  • World’s poorest set to press rich nations for climate compensation

  • Figueres: UN climate talks in Warsaw a “pivotal” moment

  • UK and South Korea agree to collaborate on tackling climate change –




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