Global Warming Updates october 08-09,2012

Climate Changes Updates 8-9 October 2012

Global warming may intensify subtropical high pressure systems that shape northern hemisphere weather patterns


Environment: Excess nutrients speed up ocean acidification

Global warming: Sea level going up, up up …

Southern hemisphere also seeing climate disruption

Global Warming: Coast Guard tracks Arctic Ocean changes

Link between global warming and wildfires becoming more clear

Climate: Current warming in Arctic unprecedented

Global warming: Arctic temps out of synch with natural cycles

Why we can’t bank on recessions to keep global warming in check

Are electric cars bad for the environment?

Respect diversity and nationally-driven approach to developing country mitigation – workshop told

When it comes to C02, what goes up, doesn’t come down

Jerry Mitrovica: Current Sea Level Rise is Anomalous. We’ve Seen Nothing Like it for the Last 10,000 Years

Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: Arctic Sea Ice Extent 2012 Update

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Has a Larger Impact than Antarctic Sea Ice Gains

Nate Silver’s Climate Chapter and What We Can Learn From It

Modelling the permafrost carbon feedback

Climate Change News

No new EU climate targets until 2015 at earliest

Urban ecology policy can make a difference

Philippines to phase-out ozone-depleting substance starting 2013

US researchers map carbon emissions at street level

Carbon emissions target urged by business leaders

Climate change: EU rebrands green energy campaign

Kashmiri farmers face drought losses without government support

New book urges united global action plan to end hunger

Climate change to hit Central America’s food crops

Innovate to put climate know-how into practice – experts


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