Global Warming Updates October 1, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 1 October 2013

1)   Climate Change Rescue in U.S. Makes Steyer Converge With Paulson

2)   ‘Climate change? People get very emotional about the subject. It’s not all bad’: Owen Paterson accused of being irresponsible after he plays down the dangers of global warming

3)   IPCC model global warming projections have done much better than you think

4)   dna edit: The danger of climate change

5)   Japan’s new global warming goal may not reduce emissions

6)   No more excuses on climate change

7)   Maine lobstermen threatened by climate change and Canada

8)   $900,000 raised for new green body

9)   Caribou May Be Indirectly Affected by Sea-Ice Loss in the Arctic

10)                    EU must show leadership on climate change beyond 2020, says Lovegrove–says-Lovegrove-/

  • UN land degradation chief outlines ‘climate adaptation’ focus –


  • Ban Ki-moon accepts Pacific Island climate declaration –

  • Carbon price vital for success of UN 2015 climate summit – de Boer –

  • IPCC report offers a chance to pause – for thought and action –

  • India accuses EU of hindering global aviation deal

16)                    Climate change is happening, so don’t shoot the messenger

17)                    Green NGOs cannot take big business cash and save planet



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