Global Warming Updates October 10-13, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 10-13 October 2013

1)   The Government’s answer to global warming? Cold feet

2)   Varad Pande: Changing the climate of the India-US strategic partnership

3)   Climate change concerns loom at Arctic conference

4)   Cloudy with a chance of… climate change: Discovery that agricultural practices help form clouds could change the way we calculate global warming

5)   Climate minister sets roadmap for new global climate deal

6)   Green Climate Fund sidesteps firm date for donor pledges

7)   Dubai announces first green economy summit in Mena

8)   UN supportive of post-2015 agenda

9)   Iron in Earth’s Core Weakens Before Melting

10)                    Hybrid Cars Are Status Symbol of Sorts for Seniors

11)                    ‘Stadium Waves’ Could Explain Lull in Global Warming

12)                    The Tundra: A Dark Horse in Planet Earth’s Greenhouse Gas Budget

13)                    Green group split on cash for cans

  • Salmond doubles Scottish climate justice fund to £6m

  • Arctic ice melt means more pirate and terrorist chases say UN climate hosts –

  • Lord Deben: Cameron is ‘utterly committed’ to fighting climate change

  • SSE chief claims ‘green agenda’ causes energy bill hikes

  • Could China’s carbon emissions peak sooner than expected? –

  • What does climate change mean to young people?

  • Ban Ki-moon summit set to decide fate of Green Climate Fund

21)                    Ed Davey: UK on track to meet third carbon budget–UK-on-track-to-meet-third-carbon-budget-/

22)                    Record temperatures set to reach tropics first

23)                    European Union on Track to Reach 2020 Climate Goals

24)                    Climate modeling update

25)                    Why climate change contrarians owe us a (scientific) explanation

26)                    Global warming – a world of extremes and biological hotspots



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  1. This is a question drevin by the politics of those who support it. Don’t believe me? Over the past thirty years, these are the same people who have been arguing to “save the whales”, the rainforests were disappearing, and that the Earth was about to enter into a new ice age. Yes, that’s correct, those same environmentalists were claiming the Earth was going into an ice age, then that it was going to heat uncontrollably, and now, since they realize they have no idea what the temperature is going to do (in fact, they’ve been predicting massive numbers of hurricanes due to the “high” temperatures, and each year they’re wrong), they’ve started calling it “climate change.”School has become nothing more than an opportunity to indoctrine students into liberal ideology.

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