Global Warming Updates october 13, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 13 October  2014

  1. Climate change is like Ebola – World Bank chief

  1. Ex-environment minister declares war on UK climate policy –

  1. Is Africa ready for the Green Climate Fund?

  1. Africans need to regain control of energy resources, says IEA –

5.      As Minnesota’s climate changes, bad air and new disease risks follow

6.      For concrete, climate change may mean a shorter lifespan

7.      Climate Change Emerging as Hot Topic in Key Senate Races

8.      Fight climate change by taxing timber harvests: Guest opinion

9.      Hagel: Climate change will challenge US military

10. Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change

11. Owen Paterson proposal to scrap Climate Change Act is ‘bonkers’

12. Climate change will challenge US military, Hagel says

13. Pentagon: Climate Change Poses Immediate Security Risk

14. Paul Ryan Thinks Humans Might Not Be The Cause Of Climate Change

15. Climate Change–Denying Candidates Targeted by Green Billionaire Change Tune

16. New doubts over climate change as study reveals OVERESTIMATED forecasts

17. When climate change comes after even the most common species

18. Climate Change Brings New Military Challenges As Changing World Spurs Competition

19. New report will outline effects of climate change on U.S. military

20. Dinner with global warming contrarians, disaster for dessert

21. Global Warming And The Texas Surge Of New Chemical Plants

22. The Battle Against Global Warming: What’s Our Moral Responsibility?




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