Global Warming Updates October 14-20, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 14-20 October 2013

  • The consequences of a warming climate–habitat loss, wildfires, flooding, and drought–threaten birds.

2)   Saving the planet from short-termism will take man-on-the-moon commitment

  • 8 Tribes That Are Way Ahead of the Climate-Adaptation Curve

4)   Human role in warming ‘more certain’ – UN climate chief

5)   Prince Charles warns of risk to future pensions

6)   Man seeks ‘climate change asylum’ in New Zealand

7)   Extreme weather can be the ‘most important cause of poverty’

8)   Fracking legal challenges planned by Greenpeace

9)   Environmentalists stress people of all races, backgrounds key to green movement

10)                    Government invests millions in adapting country to climate change

11)                    Obama plans to renew immigration, climate change efforts

12)                    Al Gore Draws Parallels Between Budget Crisis And Climate Change Denial

13)                    Delayed Gratification Hurts Climate Change Cooperation

14)                    A New Look at Air Pollution Sources and Atmosphere-Warming Particles in South Asia

15)                    Adaptability to Local Climate Helps Invasive Species Thrive

16)                    Sun and Photocatalysts Will Clean Polluted Water, Cheaply and Quickly

17)                    World Ocean Systems Undermined by Climate Change by 2100

18)                    Climate Change Creates Complicated Consequences for North America’s Forests

19)                    Ocean: Assessing the Effect of Climate Change On Upwelling Ecosystems

20)                    Climate change ship heads into uncharted waters

21)                    Outdoor air pollution leading cancer cause: WHO

22)                    Climate change ‘refugee’ seeks asylum from rising seas

23)                    Energy efficiency slowing down despite growing Government involvement

  • What does climate change mean to young people?

  • Climate change could ‘undermine’ oceans by 2100

  • EU sets 2014 deadline for global climate pledges

  • Green growth: lessons in climate resilience from world’s poorest –

  • Natural disasters ‘making poor poorer’ warn ODI

  • Lloyd’s insurers mock climate sceptics over ‘global cooling’

  • Former WTO chief calls for ‘G90′ to tackle climate change –

  • World Bank and IMF stress urgency of climate action



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