Global Warming Updates october 16-19, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 16-19 October  2014

1.            The element that causes arguments

2.     Giant sequoias may surprise us in a warmer future

3.     Despite China’s improved energy efficiency, rapid growth is still leading to increased CO2 emissions

4.            Melting Arctic ice link to extreme weather explored

5.     When island nations drown, who owns their seas?

6.     Sunday Explainer: from plants to the Pentagon, a week in climate change

7.     New rules could limit methane emissions’ effects on the atmosphere

8.     GOP asks green group to open its files

9.     Now Congressional Republicans Are Digging Through Scientists’ Grant Proposals

10. Legislature not acting in environment’s best interests

11. Under Scott, Department of Environmental Protection undergoes drastic change

  1. UN climate talks set to test New York summit gains –

  1. Global shipping emissions set to rise unchecked

  1. Julia Gillard: Tony Abbott’s climate policies are a “con” –

  1. Brazilian tribesman takes his forest message global –

  1. Carbon emissions aren’t the only danger, says Greenpeace founder –

  1. Biodiversity: the ‘stepchild’ of international talks –
  2. EU boss names Sefcovic for energy top job

  1. Natural gas boom will not slow climate change – study –

  1. Legal elements in proposed UN climate deal find mixed support –

21. Florida politicians battle rhetoric as rising seas drive worries over climate change

22. Alaska Arctic Policy Commission hears concerns about economy, climate change

23. Ask the Weather Guys: Is human activity to blame for climate change?

24. North Country House candidates Woolf, Funiciello debate climate change issues

25. NACL Dramatizes Climate Change with ‘The Weather Project’

26. DOD: Climate Change Is A Volatile Factor In International Security

27. Britain needs political climate change to cut soaring energy bills

28.                The Pentagon’s Climate Change Plan Is Great. But Will It Be Easy to Ignore?

29. Key word in climate change? Change

30. IPCC corrects claim suggesting climate change would be good for the economy

  1. Turning the tide on attitudes about world climate change –

32. Fossil fuel divestment: climate change activists take aim at Australia’s banks

33. Natural gas switch won’t slow climate change, study suggests

34. Pentagon agrees – climate change is a clear and present danger: PennLive letters

35. Improved electricity access has little impact on climate change

36. For Lake Erie’s Toxic Algae, Blame Climate Change And Invasive Mussels

37. RM41.6 million fund open to Malaysian researchers on climate change

38. Big Data centre for climate change research gets green light

39.    Shy epaulette shark to thrive from climate change, Queensland researchers say

40. Groundbreaking Research Reveals the Alarming Consequences of Fracking



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