Global Warming Updates october 2, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 2 October  2014

1.          Four questions for the man behind ‘biological diversity’

2.          Climate Change’s Role in Indian Pilgrim Deaths

3.          Will California’s new low-carbon fuel standards raise gas prices?

4.          In Downtown Helsinki, A Giant Underground Reservoir Is Keeping The City Free From Air Conditioners

5.          Could the 2C climate target be completely wrong?

6.          Canada switches on world’s first carbon capture power plant

7.          India’s Environment at Risk

  1. EU top climate job in doubt as greens round on Cañete –

  1. Berlin to host UN climate finance summit in November –

  1. UN climate change talks: 2C or not 2C?

  1. WHO should declare climate change a “health emergency”

  1. Candidate for top EU climate job defends oil links –

13.     If These 35,000 Walruses Can’t Convince You Climate Change Is Real, I Don’t Know What to Tell You

14.     Head Of ALEC: ‘I Don’t Know The Science’ Of Climate Change

15.     McConnell on climate change: ‘Not a scientist’

16.     Psychologists Are Learning How to Convince Conservatives to Take Climate Change Seriously

17.     Scientists reject climate change link to Colorado floods


19.     The Smithsonian Institution Announces an Official Climate Change Statement

20.     Trying To Fight Climate Change Without Admitting We Are To Blame

21.     How scientists linked the California drought to climate change

22.     How To Make Fighting Climate Change Work For Workers

23.     George Shultz: “Climate is changing,” and we need more action


25.     Blog: Climate change and huge walrus huddles

26.     Research Highlight: Innovative Aerosol Chemistry-Climate Study Achieves Full Bloom

27.            Global Warming Alarmists Decide to De-Emphasize Temperatures Because They’re Not Rising

28.     Donors Matter: Global Warming, Teacher Employment Law, and the ‘Political Lens’

29.     Daily Mail reaches boiling point over medical journal’s global warming views–medical-journal-bmj-global-warming-article

30.     Stanford scientists link California drought to global warming, NASA says ‘not so fast’

31.     Special flight from Seattle to Arctic studies global warming

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