Global Warming Updates october 20, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 20 October  2014

1.           Warmer Days a Catastrophe in the Making for Kenya’s Pastoralists

2.     Pa. studies on shale-site air emissions incomplete, according to court documents

3.     Powering up the poor shouldn’t hurt the climate

4.    Nigeria: Fashola, Asiodu Task Nigerians On Climate Change, Healthy Living

5.     Five Lessons for Canada from Germany’s Clean Energy Revolution

6.    Natural Gas Is Leaking And Warming The Climate — And You’re Paying For It

7.     Divestment campaign urges customers to boycott banks which support fracking and fossil-fuel industry

8.         Elk Valley watershed: Why has this unfolding disaster been ignored?

9.    How Climate Change Is Fueling the Miami Real Estate Boom

10.                        Bushfire season ‘will be more severe as a result of climate change’

11.                        3 Questions: The launch of the MIT Climate Change Conversation

12.                        Springfield City Council passes resolution to fight climate change

13.                        Dan Esty Says Climate Change Deal Needs Grassroots Push

14.                        Five Conflicts and Collapses That May Have Been Spurred by Climate Change

15.                        League of Women Voters holds discussion on climate change

16.                        If climate change doesn’t bother you, why does Ebola?

17.                        Climate Change on the Nuclear Subcontinent

18.                       The ‘Threat Multiplier’ of Climate Change

19.                        Mary Robinson: Why Europe needs to set the pace on climate change

20.                        Mediterranean, semi-arid ecosystems prove resistant to climate change

21.                        Farmers in Burkina Faso outsmart climate change

22.                        Blowing Smoke at Global Warming

23.                        Deniers Mistakenly Say that Global Warming Has Ended

24.  U.S. Oil Exports Would Worsen Global Warming, Government Auditors Say

25.                        Global warming not driving Kilimanjaro meltdown

26.                        Which Is the Bigger Threat to People in Developing Countries: Climate Change or Energy Poverty?

27.                        A Man For All Seasons: Remembering Rick Piltz, Climate Science Whistleblower

  1. UN climate talks in Bonn: Day 1

  1. Europe’s new “energy union” leader talks tough on Russia

  1. Calls for deeper carbon cuts as EU debates 2030 climate deal

  1. Arctic ice melt sends Alaskan temperatures soaring by 7C –


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