Global Warming Updates October 22, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 22 October 2013

1)   The shale-gas boom won’t do much for climate change. But it will make us richer.

2)   Alarm bells and climate change

3)   ‘Absolutely’ a link between climate change and wildfires, U.N. climate chief Figueres tells Amanpour

  • Global warming linked to wildfires: UN climate chief

5)   UN climate chief Christiana Figueres calls for global action amid NSW bushfires

6)   Clear link between climate change and bushfires: UN adviser warns Tony Abbott

7)   French Greens prepare for 2015 UN climate conference in Paris

8)   UN climate chief’s tears over future generations

9)   Climate Change Increased the Number of Deaths

10)                      How Climate Change Affects Microbial Life Below the Seafloor

11)                      Sky cuts carbon but waste to landfill increases

  • UN climate talks: what do developing countries want in Warsaw? –

  • Wind power ‘significantly’ reduces CO2

  • Australian bushfires linked to climate change – UN official –



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