Global Warming Updates october 22, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 22 October  2014

1.    Polar Vortex Spiked U.S. CO2 Emissions in 2013

2.    A Retreat From Weather Disasters

3.    Wild Ginseng, Wood Thrushes, and Climate Change: A Survival Story

4.    High pollution levels found near Ohio gas wells

5.    Scientists Resurrect Treasure Trove of Satellite Data From the 1960s

6.    2 Senate Democrats explore how to protect coal jobs and the environment

7.    A ‘very young field’ of research tries to measure looming costs of ocean acidification

8.    A host of chemicals emissions are seeping from oil and gas operations

9.    For E.U. Climate Meeting, Deep Divisions and High Stakes

10.                       Morning Plum: Forcing climate change onto the national agenda

11.                       Climate change PROVED to be ‘nothing but a lie’, claims top meteorologist

12.                                                Climate Change Report Slams Insurers for ‘Profound Lack of Preparedness’

13.                       Goats are SHRINKING because of climate change, researchers warn
As The Weather Changes, So Do Beliefs About Climate Change

14.                       Climate change could ruin leaf peeping for us

15.                       CNN’s Jake Tapper Asks the Right Question on Climate Change in Florida Governor’s Debate

16.                       With climate change, Boston’s future could be filled with gondolas

17.                       There’s a surprisingly strong link between climate change and violence

18.                       Climate Change, Creation Care, and the Cosmic Glue

19.                       Letter: Wake up to climate change threat

20.                       Researchers resolve the Karakoram glacier anomaly, a cold case of climate science

21.                       Climate change researchers head to Antarctic to study mysterious ice sheet lakes

  1. Limiting Global Warming To 2°C: The Philosophy And The Science

23.                       Professor: ‘Terminate Industrial Civilization’ To Save Earth From Global Warming

24.                       Is Global Warming Real? No Way, According To These 7 Celebrities

25.                       New Reports: There Is No Global Warming



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