Global Warming Updates October 23, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 23 October 2013

1)  It’s easy to keep U.S. carbon emissions flat. Sadly, that’s not enough.

2)  Major Study Projects No Long-Term Climate Benefit From Shale Gas Revolution

3)  Methane leaks are undermining the shale-gas boom. Here’s how to fix that.

  • VIEW: Global warming is real —S P Seth

  • Fathom spotlight: Shipping and climate change – friend or foe?

6)  Fox News defends global warming false balance by denying the 97% consensus

7)  Global Climate-Change Finance Fell Last Year, Study Shows

8)  Mystery of the ‘Missing’ Global Warming

9)  Reversing climate change even more difficult than it might sound

  • Liberal Denial on Climate Change and Energy

11)                    One Year After Sandy—Ignoring Climate Change at Our Own Peril

12)                   Life on the Edge of Climate Change: An Up Close Look at Being Climate Refugees

13)                   Harvard’s Silence on Climate Change: Donor Savvy or Bad Strategy?

14)                   Ron Johnson’s climate change denials may not fly with voters

15)                   UN urges more collaboration against climate change

16)                   United States urges flexibility in new global climate deal–finance.html

17)                   U.S. Rejects Rigid Rules as ‘Roadblock’ to Climate Treaty

18)                   Australia fire crews face extreme weather in NSW

19)                   People Don’t Put a High Value On Climate Protection

  • Climate leaders face “Custer’s last stand” as UN talks approach

  • USA reveals red lines for 2015 climate change deal



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