Global Warming Updates October 24, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 24 October 2013

1.  Fracking Fight Focuses on a New York Town’s Ban

2.  How to Waste A Billion: Use It To Fight Global Warming

Year-Specific Predictions of Climate Change

4.  Africa must seek int’l financial support to challenge climate change

5.  Climate Change Affects Australia’s Epic Wildfires — No Matter What Prime Minister Says

6.  Climate change study moving forward but ‘cherry-picking’ data, senator says

7.  Methane Complicates U.S. Greenhouse Emissions Outlook

8.  More regulation, tempered expectations on shale’s global horizon

9.  Major Pension Funds Ask for Climate Change Study

10.                   Students from 720 campuses rally for energy, climate change

11.                   The Telltale Signs of Climate Change on 6 Continents

12.                   Informed discussion on climate change impacts can turn the table on denialist prime minister

13.                   Al Gore attacks Tony Abbott’s refusal to link bushfires with climate change

14.                   Pacific nations ‘very disappointed’ by Tony Abbott’s climate scepticism

15.                   Al Gore Reddit AMA: Former Vice President Talks Climate Change And Energy


16.                   Comment: Let’s confront the reality of climate change

17.                   Indonesia Forests Dwindle Despite Protection, Spurring Climate Change And Threatening Native Species

18.                   Gina McCarthy, Obama’s Environmental Watchdog

19.                   Greenhouse gas emissions from power plants declined from 2011 to 2012, EPA says

  1. UK warming faster than global average – report

  1. Climate change linked to doubling of Stockholm heat-related deaths –

22.                   Increasing Toxicity of Algal Blooms Tied to Nutrient Enrichment and Climate Change

23.                   Optimism About Meeting ‘Grand Challenge’ of Global Prosperity

24.                   Climate Change and Coevolution: Scientists Have Done the Math



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