Global Warming Updates October 25-27, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 25-27 October 2013

1)   Australian bushfires fan global warming debate

2)   Potawatomi project will use food waste to make energy

The Greenhouse Effect: Measuring Longview terminal’s potential impact on climate

4)   Editorial: Climate change must remain important part of Hurricane Sandy discussions

5)   Sustainably Speaking: Climate-change disconnect baffles


6)   One year after Sandy, Christie officials sleepwalking on climate change: Opinion

7)   Fires incite political debate over climate change

8)   Iowa View: We must take climate change action now|head&nclick_check=1

9)   Climate change linked to bushfire risk says Environment Department website

10)                    Climate change could put $6 trillion in fossil fuel reserves at risk

11)                    How Big Data Can Be Used To Bet On Climate Change

12)                    Wildrose Party delegates vote to fight climate change, denounce intolerance

13)                    Arctic warming confirmed to be unprecedented


  • Arctic temperatures hit 44,000 year high


  • UN climate talks: what do developed countries want in Warsaw? –

16)                    India blocks progress on HFC emissions reductions


  • India and US HFC row brews at UN talks in Bangkok


  • Figueres: IPCC’s ‘carbon budget’ will not drive Warsaw talks


  • Climate leaders face “Custer’s last stand” as UN talks approach –

20)                    Pacific nations ‘very disappointed’ by Tony Abbott’s climate scepticism

21)                    Radioactive Waste: Where to Put It?

22)                    Reading Ancient Climate from Plankton Shells

23)                    Scientists Develop New Method to Help Global Coasts Adapt to Sea-Level Rise

24)                    Climate debate must stick to the science: professor

25)                    Climate change means more severe fires: CFA

26)                    Tony Abbott should never say ‘never’ about climate change bushfire link

27)                    UK and US engineers to collaborate on global water issues


28)                    Carbonation on Mars May Provide Insight to Climate Change on Earth


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