Global Warming Updates october 27, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 27 October  2014

1.    Workable global accord on climate needed as Bonn talks deliver little

2.    Cold Winters in Europe, Asia Linked to Sea Ice Decline

3.    It’s Tough To Turn Frack Water into Profits

4.    Greens grow into electoral powerhouse

5.    With storms intensifying, Milwaukee braces for bigger flows

6.    Trying to Raise Profile of Climate Change for Washington Voters

7.    Sarah Palin Compares Climate Change ‘Hysteria’ To Eugenics

8.    Great Barrier Reef protection plan ‘ignores the threat of climate change’

9.    A Chronicler of Warnings Denied

10.                       Steering the Climate Change Coverage

11.                       ABC’s ‘Middle Ground’ on Climate Change: Who Knows?

12.                       B.C. LNG Strategy Won’t Help Solve Global Climate Change: New Pembina Institute Report

13.                       IPCC Chairman Pachauri Urges Governments To Keep Up Hope Amid Climate Change Battle

14.                       Unlike U.S. Chamber of Commerce, our chamber wants climate change action

15.                       Washington firms push climate change action

16.                       ALEC’s sponsors should heed the threat of climate change

17.                       Aviva responds to Bank of England on climate change impact

18.                                                Climate Change Represents Risks and Opportunities for Corporations

19.                       Poll data on evolution and climate change

20.                       Climate Research needs Redirection

21.                       Dead clams talking: $337,000 grant supports clamshell-climate research

22.                                                Researcher Rick Piltz fought intransigence on climate

23.                       Co-Founder of The Weather Channel: Global Warming Is a Complete Hoax

24.                       IPCC Climate Scientist: Global Warming ‘Pause’ Could Last 30 Years

25.                       The Ebola Vaccine, Traffic Congestion, and Global Warming


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