Global Warming Updates october 28, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 28 October  2014

1.    Weather Channel founder blasts climate change

2.    Maybe you can change people’s minds about climate change after all

3.    Some Thoughts on Fear and Truth: Ebola To Climate Change

4.    B.C.’s LNG industry won’t help fight climate change, says Pembina report

5.    Heather McTeer Toney: Climate change offers opportunity

6.    Sarah Palin: Climate change is this century’s eugenics

7.    Former FES dean exhorts fight against climate change

8.    If the GOP Takes the Senate, Climate Change Deniers Will Control Key Committees

9.    Horse-trading on climate change

10.                       Mary Robinson speaks about women and climate change

11.                       George P. Bush: ‘I’m Not A Scientist’ When It Comes To Climate Change

12.                       Faculty Research Lecture: Scientist reconstructs Earth’s climate history using tiny marine fossils

13.                       PH, US launch joint research on climate change, agri, health

14.                       Cameroon study shows mitigation and adaptation go together

15.                       A disagreement over climate-conflict link heats up

16.                       Harsh winter risk in UK ‘doubled’ due to global warming

17.                       Colder Winters Indicate Global Warming, Researchers Claim

18.                       Some global warming truths

  1. Don’t Believe In Global Warming? Women Won’t Vote For You

20. No environmental impact assessment over Abbot Point spoil dumping in wetlands

21.                       Arunabha Ghosh: Clearing the air on clearances

22.                       CCS experiment shows minimal environmental impact of CO2 leakage

23.                       New tool aims to help companies measure social impact of products

24.                       $2.5tn shortfall for sustainable development in developing countries


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