Global Warming Updates October 29, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 29 October 2013

1)  How global warming could boost green energy in an unexpected way

2)  Warming bolsters Alberta grizzlies

3)  After Sandy, feds right to step in on climate change: Editorial

4)  America’s growing inequality helped scuttle the global climate change initiative

5)  Hurricane Sandy anniversary a reminder we need to keep fighting climate change

6)  Three Major Ski Resort CEOs Talk Climate Change

7)  Calamity Calling: Climate change expert says Earth is having its ‘Independence Day’ moment (Q&A)

8)  Climate change may make coastal flooding like Sandy’s more frequent

9)  Climate change pact signed by California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia

10)                    EU environment ministers call for action on climate

11)                   Landscapes debate could reinvigorate U.N. climate talks in Warsaw – negotiator

13)                   Solar-powered aircraft on a global clean energy mission

14)                   Communities can monitor forests ‘as well as experts’


  • Climate change threatens £3 trillion of UK pension assets –

  • Comment: UN must ensure Climate Fund decisions are transparent –

  • British Columbia and US Pacific states announce climate pact

18)                   Paleontologist Presents Origin of Life Theory

19)                   Sandy’s path of destruction felt in the Caribbean too

20)                   Researchers link melting Arctic Sea ice to increased summer rainfall in Northwest Europe

21)                   European ministers push for tougher EU climate goals

22)                   Antarctic drilling project to get to core issues of climate change



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