Global Warming Updates october 29-31, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 29-31 October  2014

  • Banks invest record €66bn in coal sector

  • Africa adopts sustainable transport plan

  1. Why you should bother to read the IPCC synthesis report –
  2. Poland “won” EU 2030 deal – does the climate lose? –

12.                  In the path of the pipeline

13.                  Get Off the Beach? Hell No. Why Shore People Don’t Get Climate People

14.                  THE FUTURE WILL NOT BE DRY

  1. Penguins offer S. a lesson in addressing climate change

16.                  Global Warming: The Weather Channel Position Statement

17.                  Hydropower May Be Huge Source of Methane Emissions

18.                  Are money and power changing the environmental movement?

19.                  Toxic Chemicals, Carcinogens Skyrocket Near Fracking Sites

20.                  Good for the gander? As Alaska warms, a goose forgoes a 3,300-mile migration

21.                  Climate change a ‘threat multiplier for farming-dependent nations: report

22.                  Fires and floods: North Cascades federal lands prepare for climate change

23.                  Climate change back this winter: Forecast


24.                  Weather Channel Rebukes Its Co-Founder On Climate Change

25.                                       Regulator Takes Focus on Climate Change Preparedness

26.                  Eight foods you’re about to lose due to climate change

27.                  Insurers still don’t ‘get’ climate change; here’s what that means for the business going forward

28.                                       Boston Mayor: City Made Significant Strides in Preparing for Climate Change

29.                                       How to Talk About Climate Change in an Oil-and-Gas Mecca

30.                  Hagel: ‘Climate change presents security issues’ for US


32.                  Climate Change Concerns Push Chile to Forefront of Carbon Tax Movement

33.                  And the award for the worst climate change record in the industrialized world goes to…

34.                  Letter: Who benefits by climate change denial?

35.                  The Progressive Interviews Naomi Klein on Climate Change –

36.                  Great Lakes fishery managers need insight on climate change impacts

37.                  Direct Action Plan: What is Tony Abbott’s climate change policy

38.                  The world’s climate change watchdog may be underestimating global warming

39.                  Wyoming’s Campaign And Classroom Balancing Act On Climate Change


40.                  Hurricane Sandy Spawns Storm of Climate Research

41.                  Research links Social Violence with Occurrence of Climate Change

42.                  Weather Channel Says Global Warming Is Real Following Co-Founder’s Climate Denial

43.                  The Weather Channel And Its Co-Founder Are Having A Public Fight About Global Warming

44.                  What caused the ‘pause’ in global warming?

45.                  32 Countries Where Global Warming Could Make Violence Worse

46.                  The world’s climate change watchdog may be underestimating global warming

47.                  Fox News’ Parent Company Is Really Worried About Global Warming


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