Global Warming Updates October 3, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 3 October 2013

1)   Native Tribes’ Traditional Knowledge Can Help US Adapt to Climate Change

2)   Poland pits itself against EU climate promises

3)   Viewpoints: Are humans capable of protecting the oceans?

4)   Agenda: We must be nimbler to meet the challenges posed by climate change

5)   HARPER: U.N.’s latest climate report buries inconvenient facts

6)   EDITORIAL: Adapt to climate change

7)   How Africa can feed itself in the face of climate change

8)   Season of Smoke: Changing Climate Leads To Bigger, Smokier Wildfires

9)   Fracking May Be Polluting River with Radioactive Waste


10)                    Climate report puts geoengineering in the spotlight

11)                    UK faces “deep cuts” to meet global emission budget

12)                    Pantomime to tragedy: was 2013 the year climate politics got real?

13)                    Climate Council reports warmest September on record



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