Global Warming Updates October 30, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 30 October 2013


  • Rapidly melting glaciers give Utah expert new view on climate change

2)  Editorial: Brown’s climate pact contains lofty goals but no money or staffers

3)  Climate change pact sends a message

4)  Hurricane Sandy Hasn’t Shifted Climate Narrative

5)  Dealing with climate change? Think like an octopus

6)  Report: Climate change may pose threat to economic growth

7)  Fracking and reducing climate change: Can Jerry Brown have it both ways?

8)  These Countries Face The Biggest Threats From Climate Change

9)  Climate change report shows holes in Australian debate

10)                   Taiwan: An asset in the war on climate change

11)                   10 simple points about climate change


  • One Year After Sandy, Tackling Climate Change With New Force

13)                   Climate Change Risks Are Hiding in Investment Portfolios, Gore Says


  • Rapidly melting glaciers give Utah expert new view on climate change

15)                   Oil firms asked to account for climate change risk

16)                   Boston to order builders to adapt to climate change

17)                   New city zoning plans tied to changes in climate

18)                   United Nations: Adapting to Climate Change Will Cost Africa $35 Billion Annually

19)                   Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has yet to be briefed on climate change by chief scientist Sir Ian Boyd

20)                    Climate Change Authority rules five per cent emissions reduction ‘inadequate’


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