Global Warming Updates October 31, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 31 October 2013

1)   Hans Rosling: 200 300 years of global change

2)  Australia is hot, dry and risky, so why cut climate action?

3)  Dealing with climate change? Think like an octopus

4)  Climate change: Melting glaciers bring energy uncertainty

5)  West Coast pact on climate sends the right message

6)  Forest breakthrough is key to 2015 global climate deal

7)   U.S. energy secretary maps out China collaboration

8)  United Nations: Adapting to Climate Change Will Cost Africa $35 Billion Annually


  • Global warming likely to exacerbate El Nino effects – study –


  • France cranks up climate diplomacy ahead of 2015 UN summit –


  • Pacific Ocean may be ‘hiding’ global warming – scientists –


  • Russia warns UN of “eroding transparency” at climate talks –

13)                   Geoengineering the Climate Could Reduce Vital Rains


14)                   Warming Will Disturb Balance of Soil Nutrients in Drylands, Make Drylands Less Productive

15)                   Improving Earthquake Early Warning Systems for California and Taiwan

16)                   EU climate change Ministers set out low carbon vision in Brussels

17)                   Renewable energy revolution will require better management of metals

18)                   Climate change to disrupt soil nutrients in drylands

19)                    ONLY HOURS Left to Be Part of a New Collaborative Approach to Media Coverage of Climate

20)                   Climate Change is Already Killing People

21)                   6 Reasons Women Should Take the Lead in Fighting Climate Change


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