Global Warming Updates October 4-6, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 4-6 October 2013

1)   UK’s natural environment in jeopardy

  • Global-warming alarmists are at it again

3)   The future of the climate is still in our hands

4)   Stubborn things

5)   Brian Dickerson: Conservatives warming up to climate change

6)   Lost in the Denialosphere: Climate Change and Obamacare

7)   Marcellus gas facilities, near to one another or even linked, are evaluated individually for pollution

8)   First Global Emissions Market for Airlines Wins Support

9)   Fiji calls for legally binding climate change agreement

10)                    Made in Japan: the new tool to mitigate climate change

11)                    Himalayas still uphill for climate report

12)                    Climate Puzzle Over Origins of Life On Earth

13)                    Climate Council marks 2013 as hottest of warmer years

14)                    World mayors commit to scaling up climate action

15)                    M&S’ Cheshire Oaks store exceeds energy and carbon expectations

16)                    Pantomime to tragedy: was 2013 the year climate politics got real?

17)                    Is business ready to confront climate change?

18)                    IPCC’s growing confidence is ‘not a question of grade inflation’

19)                    Bangladeshi NGOs bribe government to release climate funds, says report

20)                    Climate models need to get small

21)                    Climate change could increase diarrheal disease in Botswana

22)                    Climate Change May Increase Mercury Content in Fish


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