Global Warming Updates October 7-8, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 7-8 October 2013

1)   Does the IPCC need to change how it works?

2)   US Strong launches campaign to create federal fund to cover extreme weather disasters

3)   What are the potential impacts of climate change for the UK?

4)   How to Slice a Global Carbon Pie?

5)   Obama climate adviser Zichal to step down: officials

6)   Buddhist Leaders Look Towards Climate Action for Awakening

7)   Implementing global aviation emissions plan no simple task

8)   Climate change talks: Who’s looking at India’s carbon budget plans & why is it important?

9)   Aid offered by Scottish government for climate change harm

10)                    Carbon innovation hub to open in Edinburgh

11)                    EU hails ICAO plan for global green tax on aviation

12)                    Terrestrial Ecosystems at Risk of Major Shifts as Temperatures Increase

13)                    Making Martian Clouds On Earth: Clouds On Mars Form in Much More Humid Conditions Than Clouds On Earth

14)                    Hurricane Sandy’s Impact On New Jersey Coastal Wetlands, One Year Later

15)                    Air Pollution and Psychological Distress During Pregnancy

16)                    Plant Diversity May Affect Climate–vegetation Interaction

17)                    Iron Melt Network Helped Grow Earth’s Core, Study Suggests

18)                    A rough guide to the components of Earth’s Climate System

19)                    NSW temperatures may hit 40 degrees on Thursday prompting extreme fire warnings

20)                    Keep calm and save the Earth

  • Scots set to push climate justice agenda at landmark summit

  • World Bank and IMF stress urgency of climate action

  • What next for EU climate diplomacy after aviation compromise?

  • Australia’s Climate Council generates $1m from crowdfunding –

  • Is business ready to confront climate change?



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