Global Warming Updates September 1, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 1 September 2013


1)   Pacific summit aims to renew global climate efforts


2)   Uganda: Tea Farmers Advised On Climate Change Mitigation


3)   ‘We are fighting for survival,’ Pacific islands leader warns


4)   How many climate migrants will there be?


5)   How Greenland may become greener: Climate change ‘could accelerate the spread of forests and kill arctic animals’–kill-arctic-animals-experts-predict.html#ixzz2dhtJdzKz

  • Antarctic glaciers sensitive to climate change, research shows


7)   Why Terry McAuliffe Is in a Box on Climate Change


8)   La Niña-like conditions behind gentler global warming, study finds


9)   Name and shame USA climate change deniers


10)                     Climate Change Action as a Conservative Issue


11)                     Should Climate Risks Be Included in Sustainability Reports?


12)                     The Future of Clean Energy is Bright




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  1. Animal birth late summer – Ground sqrriuel, a Chickaree, had a litter within in past two? weeks, eyes not open yet. It was on Sept 7th when found in a garden under the straw mulch. WEB sites indicate births are in spring. Does Mama know we’ll have warm weather so the babes will grow strong? Does this mean we will have a dry winter? Am located west of Denver at 7,000 elevation. This sqrriuel isn’t usual to our area, just noticed them this past summer. Any thoughts?

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