Global Warming Updates September 1-4, 2014

Climate Change Updates 29-08-2014 to 04-09-2014
UN seeks ‘Malala’ on climate change
Cool Planet: can biochar fertilize soil and help fight climate change?
The Climate Change Agenda Needs to Adapt to Reality
Carbon stored in world’s soils more vulnerable to climate change than expected
Changing global diets is vital to reducing climate change, researchers say
Central American farmers generate energy from coffee wastewater
California FINALLY gets serious about protecting its groundwater
Reducing Water Scarcity
Monarch Butterflies need Endangered Species Act protection
A doomed Earth of science fiction may well become a reality
Put down the burger to tackle climate change, scientists say
Ban Ki-moon: Time is running out to tackle climate change
Islands need ‘blue-green’ economy to tackle climate change
Report: Will Chinese premier snub New York climate change meeting?
Fuel plan ‘could slash greenhouse gases’ – claim
Global warming impacts ‘severe, widespread, and irreversible’, UN warns
Over 950 organizations commit to the People’s Climate March
Has climate change become a business story?
How the IPCC is sharpening its language on climate change
Climate change’s health toll: ‘We can save millions of lives, even now’
Climate Change Ups Odds of a Southwest Megadrought
Does Antarctic sea ice growth negate climate change? Scientists say no
‘Urgency of Climate Change’ to Debut as Legal Defense
Why It’s Already Legal for Obama to Take On Climate Change Without Congress
Act now on climate change or face growing health risks – UN
Why Climate Change Won’t Intensify Extreme Snowstorms
UK’s winter floods strengthen belief humans causing climate change – poll
Why The Washington Post Is Running A Series Of Editorials On The “Existential Threat” Of Climate Change
Change your diet to reduce climate change: study
WHO urges action on climate change to protect health
5 reasons NATO needs to worry about climate change
Declare climate change health emergency, say charities
David Attenborough: UK must embrace climate migrants
Why does NATO still downplay climate threats?
African farmers urgently need “climate-smart” investment – report
Climate change “robbing nations of right to exist” say small island leaders
UN’s 2050 forecasts aim to drive home climate consequences
NATO ignores climate change at its peril
5 reasons NATO needs to worry about climate change
The Climate Change Agenda Needs to Adapt to Reality
Bad weather for 2050 as TV forecasters imagine climate change
Poor Countries Shouldn’t Sacrifice Growth to Fight Climate Change
Climate Change News – September 2, 2014

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One thought on “Global Warming Updates September 1-4, 2014

  1. I know you’re trying to be cotoniencisus and do what you think is right, but please, PLEASE look into climate change before you go any further. It’s a proven fraud. Haven’t you heard about Climate Gate? It’s all about money, money, money. IPCC members have admitted that they wanted to create hysteria at the outset in order to get money. Special interest groups lobby, do favors, get favors that’s all this is about. Money makes the world go round. For crying out loud, you can find out that the science in “An Inconvenient Truth” was faulty just be Googling the facts. Al Gore, who started the hysteria with his film, is a lying hypocrite. There are hundreds of scientists in the U.S. alone trying to speak out about this but they’re being blackballed by their colleges (again money). Do you know these scientists held a convention in NYC to discuss how this hysteria is affecting their field and careers? I doubt it. Most people didn’t because the media conveniently overlooks anything that doesn’t fit their agenda.Warming and cooling has been happening cyclically since weather conditions have been recorded. There is absolutely no crisis happening here. If you want to motivate people in positive way, start researching this economic meltdown and what is happening to our nation. Now THAT is a crisis. You can start with a book called “The 5000 Year Leap.” Easy to read and certainly not what you learn in public schools. This is what people need to wake up to and get involved in.

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