Global Warming Updates September 10, 2013

Climate Change Updates September 10, 2013















Climate Changes Updates 10 September 2013

1)   West Nile Virus Season to Last Longer as Climate Changes

2)   Global cooling? London newspapers having a row over climate change in the Arctic

3)   A Climate Alarm, Too Muted for Some

4)   How Is Climate Change Affecting Tropical Forests?

5)   The world does need a red line – on climate change

6)   Climate change negotiators seek breakthrough at informal New Zealand talks

7)   Extreme Weather Linked to Climate Change

8)   Economic woes may mute impact of U.N. report saying warming manmade

9)   10 ways to build a sustainable future

10)                     We are underestimating climate change and underfunding innovation

11)                     An attempt to escape perpetual failure on climate change at the G20

12)                     Global cooling? New evidence suggests climate change may be on hold


  • South Korea pledges $40 million to Green Climate Fund


  • Direct Action: should we give Tony Abbott’s climate plan a chance?


  • Dealing in doubt: how big oil funds climate denial


16)                     Climate change affects Argentine Patagonia


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