Global Warming Updates September 11, 2013

Climate Change Updates September 11, 2013








Climate Changes Updates 11 September 2013

1)   Coalition takes axe to climate programs

2)   EDITORIAL: Don’t be swayed by climate change ‘consensus’

3)   Warming climate begins to taint Europe’s blood supplies

4)   Drought helped cause Syria’s war. Will climate change bring more like it?

5)   Christianity and climate change: the relationship between God and green

6)   Pacific climate change outlook bleak, says academic

7)   Climate change will ‘exacerbate existing problems’: Defence

8)   Quiet, not stormy, weather for US this year so far

9)   Summers are getting hotter – honest

10)                      Global imprint of climate change on marine life

11)                     Policies worry farmers more than climate change, says new study

12)                     Natural resources minister talks climate change with U.S. energy secretary

13)                     How Climate Change Threatens A Double Blow To The Caribbean’s Drinking Water

14)                     Neeley: Lack of hurricanes helps climate change skeptics

15)                     Snowshoe hares can’t keep up with climate change

16)                     Cities don’t necessarily have higher carbon footprint

17)                     Physicists claim further evidence of link between cosmic rays and cloud formation

18)                     How Big Coal Plans to Thwart Anti-Pollution Regulations



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